Welcome Actuarial Outpost members! After a few week of the AO being down, and no information given to people, a couple actuaries decided to start a new forum. We have some other ideas mixed in here too, including practice exam software. We'll have to start somewhere, so please join and post away to drive further activity! Also, let us know if you want to help out in any way. Thanks!

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« on: October 24, 2020, 01:38:06 AM »
We are just getting started and ready to go. I know many people miss the AO since it went down September 2020. While we hope it comes back, Actuary Hub expects to provide a community that is a bit different. We want a very technically focused community to support anyone on the actuarial career path.

Education, encouragement, and empowerment.
Here to help. Please post in general discussion with any recommendations that you have for the site.